Hello South Huntsville

Urgent Action Items:  Click here to contact your local legislators and request that they pass a bill to prevent more politicking in the classroom.  Click here to connect with Anson on FaceBook.  To see what the Huntsville City Schools Superintendent has to say on this subject click here.


Hello South Huntsville,

According to District 3 School Board Member Jennie Robinson, a pro-Common Core standards flyer has been distributed to throughout the Huntsville City School System, with the permission of the Huntsville City School Superintendent Casey Wardynski.  Dr. Wardynski and Dr. Robinson believe that it is acceptable to use teachers in the classroom to distribute this flyer.  The Huntsville City School system has taken the position that the flyer is not political.  I know that I am not the only citizen who disagrees with that position.  The Alabama Policy Institute has released a document titled the Common-Core-White-Paper which clarifies the arguments against Common Core standards.  This website contains the best explanation I have seen with information regarding the opposition to the Common Core Standards.  Eight US Senators, including our own Senator Jeff Sessions recently came out against the Common Core Standards. The Huntsville City School system is attempting to use our tax dollars to shape public opinion regarding the politics of education policy.  The classroom should be dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and not be used to obtain the political ends of any individual or group.  I have constructed this website so that you know how school administrators in Huntsville are using the time that your tax dollars are supporting.  I encourage you to share my site with your friends and come back often, I will be updating the site as the situation changes.  I will not let my tax money be spent defeating any citizen’s political ideology and I hope you join me by locating and contacting your state senators and representatives.  Our lawmakers must put an end to the distribution of political propaganda in all Alabama classrooms.

Anson Knowles
(256) 698-4933
Concerned Parent
South Huntsville

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7 thoughts on “Hello South Huntsville

  1. Haven’t even had a chance to consider your message, but I got your robo-call. I am glad that you care about public education, but the first thing I notice is your horrible grammar! “I will not let my tax money be spent attempting defeating any citizen’s political ideology…?” “Propoganda?” If you want to be taken seriously, and I believe you do, get someone to edit your webpage!

  2. How Did We Get Here?

    The push for national or common academic standards is not new. For at least the last several decades, educators, parents, policymakers, and other stakeholders have debated whether students would benefit from having a set of clearly articulated, ambitious common standards that outline what all students across the nation should know and be able to do at each level.
    In 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower discussed the creation of national goals for education that would enable the next generation of Americans to be more competitive against other nations.
    In 1983, the National Commission on Excellence in Education report A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform raised a red flag, stating students needed higher standards to compete at the level of young people in other countries.
    In 1988, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan collaborated on the “reinvention of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), complete with state-by-state comparisons of student achievement and what became known as ‘achievement levels’ by which NAEP data are now reported, a close relative of national standards” (Carmichael, Wilson, Finn, Winkler, & Palmieri, 2009, p. 4).
    In 1989, President George H. W. Bush oversaw the development of “‘voluntary national standards’ in core subjects,” but the initiative died when the Senate gave a thumbs down to the draft version of the U.S. history standards (Carmichael et al., 2009, p. 4).
    That same year, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics published a set of standards for teaching mathematics, based on consensus from teachers and experts. These standards have been adopted or adapted by many states, districts, and schools.
    In the 1980s and 1990s, several other major organizations produced their own standards, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Research Council, and National Council of Teachers of English.
    The Clinton administration proposed to expand the NAEP to voluntary national testing in grades 4 and 8 in reading and math and an accompanying framework, but the idea stalled because of Republican opposition in the House of Representatives stemming from concerns about federal involvement in education.
    State standards were the foundation for the assessments and accountability requirement of the controversial No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, an approach that generated mixed results. Its unevenness is often cited by Secretary Duncan as a primary reason for needing higher, uniform standards.

  3. I noticed that you left off the possible answer of No I believe that the best education comes from the common core rather than anything else that has been proposed.

  4. Handing out the Chamber of Commerce propaganda is not the only way our teachers are used as pawns. They are intimidated and bullied into silence. Teachers can not speak out against common core, Teach For America or most anything else. Their job security has been weakened greatly by changes in Tenure policies. Why do you think we had hundreds of teachers resign last year? We are losing scores of amazing teachers because they are feeling powerless and demoralized. Teachers have not only been excluded from these reform decisions but they have been silenced and forced to comply with changes that are wrong and have been condemned by a majority of the Education community. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of our teachers.

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